Saturday, April 21, 2007

Work on Fat Planet IS continuing

Yes, I know there hasn't been much news recently, but I've been busy working major bugs out of the engine and... composing music? Yep. Fat Planet will feature midi music, all (hopefully) created by me, and It's sounding pretty good so far.

Also, I've finished 6 experimental games (two that I will not be uploading) and Smart.Fun vol 2 is completed and features an impressive 27 toys to play around with, including full support for smart boards (duh) as well as ordinary computers. I'm also uncovering a new project today... dreams. It's a game about... well, dreams. It's a Wario Ware game like Christmas Minigame Extravaganza, only not so rushed like that one was. Here's tasters of both Fat Planet and Dreams.