Sunday, July 22, 2007

New site, new FTP software...


And it's a biggie, too. It's the alpha of Fat Planet, complete with all of the music composed so far, and an entire level! Please report bugs to me.

The new site design is called Aqua and was designed by Wink Hosting. It looks wonderful, and it's easy to edit, too. The brix balistix engine is up there too (woo!) and it's free to use with my permission!

With dreams officially canned, and many games scrapped, I thought I should begin work on a new game, a fiendish logic puzzler currently named 'Jovinez', and it serves as a showcase for cool graphical effects, as well as an excellent game!

For the last two summer holidays, I've brought you a new DotMaze game, so keep your eyes peeled. Not to say there'll be one, but there might.