Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm not procrastinating

I'm giving fat planet time. I want to make sure the engine is just right before I rush off and make levels. I still need to implement coin blocks. Meh, i'll do it later.

I've been thinking recently... how about a brain training game that leans itself to being experimental? One like wii fitness, that you test yourself on every day? I'll mull on it some more.

I had an air-hockey experimental game in the works, but I quit about halfway through. I didn't think it was working.

I finally got MAME working on my computer, so I might try my hand at some old-school arcade remakes.

I'm still picking designs for sparksoft. Several have caught my eye, and I think I have a winner.

Stretchmyson has expired. I'm not going to renew it, it sucked.