Friday, December 21, 2007

Space Tile Hopper 2

I really need to think of a new title.

I'm kinda worried about STH2 at the moment. Every so often, upon opening the file, TGF will freeze, or start to run very slowly for no apparent reason. Every time I open TGF, it asks if I want to recover a version of the game from much earlier in development. And things aren't helped by the fact that my home key fell out, and while I tried to replace it, my laptop display flipped 180 degrees for no apparent reason. I must have accidentally pressed a key combination.

STH2 is also proving quite hard to develop, using a step based system, but also including animation. I'm quite pleased with the end result, though. 2.5d!

Screen :

The perspective's pretty impressive, especially as TGF1 only lets you move objects to the front and back. I'm just thankful I didn't make it isometric.

I've also got some ambient music from mark and edgen over at I didn't make it. My music doesn't have the kind of feel I wanted.

I might be having one of my friends do level design. Yay! Level design is always the tedious bit.

Look out for STH2 over the next few months, years, decades...