Saturday, September 22, 2007

New fat planet now out!

It's 0.19 and it's a major improvement from 0.14, with shaded graphics, new music (IN MP3 FORMAT, WOO HOO!) Plenty of bugfixes and new features. Kudos to pistonsoft for their excellent MP3 conversion software. Now how the hell do I stop this link? Thank you blogger. I hate you blogger.

EDIT : I stopped the link by using the little eraser tool. I'm thinking of trying to implement a CMS on my website, blogger seems to have an awful number of little quirks these days.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! What I meant to say was :

I'm thinking of trying to implement a CMS on my website, blogger seems to have an awful number of little quirks these days.

Ya know what, it does. Google, why don't you make blogger Opera Compatible? (aka : not crap)

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