Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Space Tile Hopper 2 is now called...

Slightly less silly name. Only slightly.

The glitch is still there, but the overall game is a lot more polished now, I've found an extension that will autochange the resolution without going to 256 colour mode and I've got a shiny new 3D logo. And it spins around really fast in the opening. It's pretty cool. No, it's waaaaay cool.

I'm hoping this will attract a publisher better than Dot Maze. Anyhoo, all I really have to do is put a bunch of cute furry animals in and the thing will sell like hotcakes.

I remember when there were many like me... super small-time game creators who nobody ever heard of... I'm the last of a dying breed, I tell ya. Now there's just Indie and casual. Indie is like what I'm doing only a lot more expensive, risky, difficult and pretentious. Casual is just like what I'm doing but your name has to be PopCap or you'll fail at it. Such is life.

- Rob

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